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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 Must Knows to the Perfect Christmas Tree

Every year I buy my Christmas tree and watch others buy theirs and I wonder if they really know how to take care of the tree they are taking home. Here are 6 simple steps to make sure you get the most out of your Christmas tree this year :

  1. Make sure there has been a fresh cut (1/4”–1/2” thick disk of wood) at the base of the trunk before bringing the tree into your home. This fresh cut will allow the tree to draw water from the tree stand and keep the needles fresh.

  2. Place the Christmas tree in water as soon as possible after the tree has a fresh cut at the base; the temperature of the water does not matter.

  3. Place the tree in a stand that fits the tree. Don’t take the bark off the tree as this will hinder the tree’s ability to absorb water. The stand should provide one quart of water for each inch of the stem’s diameter.

  4. Keep the tree away from heat sources to slow the drying process, such as heaters, fireplaces, heat vents and direct sunlight.

  5. Check the level of water in the stand every few days since the tree may not be submerged in the water if the level gets too low. The tree may consume two pans of water within the first 24 hours.

  6. Properly dispose of the Christmas tree after it is dried out. Your city may offer a tree disposal service or you can recycle your tree.

The only advice I can give if you buy an artificial tree is you might want to also invest in an astronaut suite to avoid lead poisoning. You can find a few more Christmas tree tips at Dutchman Tree Farms.