10% off Real Christmas Trees

10% off Real Christmas Trees
10% off Real Christmas Trees and FREE Shipping

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Win a Free Christmas Tree

Dutchman Tree Farms giving away two real Christmas trees and a wreath this Christmas Season to three lucky people in the continental USA. These past few years have been a bit tight for all of us and it may be easier to be a Scrooge, but Dutchman Tree Farms has decided to give you and your family an opportunity to win a Free, yes free, Christmas Tree or Wreath.

You do not have to sign up for any unwanted promotions or take a boring survey. All you have to do is have FUN. Let me explain...

To be eligible for the Humbug Free Christmas Tree Raffle you must:

  • Live within the continental USA
  • Post your favorite, Christmas related, funny picture or YouTube video to our Facebook Page wall with a witty caption (any inappropriate pictures will be deleted and will make you ineligible for the raffle).
  • Go to the "SignUp" tab on our Fan Page and leave your information so we know where to send the tree to if you win (Yes, your prize will be shipped right to your front door).

See! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The drawing will be held November 15 and the winners will be announced on November 16.

1st Prize will be able to choose a 6-7 foot (or smaller) real Christmas Tree of any species we grow on the farm. (Check out the many different species of Christmas Trees we grow on the farm)

2nd Prize will receive a 3-4 foot Table-top Fraser Christmas Tree.

3rd Prize will receive a 20 inch Christmas Wreath.

If you don't win don't be disheartened. You can always order your Christmas Tree online from Dutchman Tree Farms and have it shipped to your front door.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buy Your Real Christmas Tree Online this Year

Yes that is correct. I said real, natural and American grown Christmas tree. I did not say artificial Christmas tree.

I am getting rather tired of always reading, "Buy your Christmas Tree Online" and when I follow the link, only then do I find out it is an artificial tree. This is why Dutchman Tree Farms decided to sell real Christmas Trees online.

Most of the employees on our farm have families and understand how busy Christmas time can become. Shopping, relatives, meals, kids, husband, wife and the list goes on. This is one reason why we decided to give you opportunity to have your real Christmas tree delivered right to your front door, freshly cut from our farm.

When you go to a Christmas Tree lot looking for the "perfect" tree you might not find it. Depending on which lot you go to you may not know when the Christmas tree you are buying was cut. It could have been cut, yes, months ago. How much more life will it have by the time it is in your living room? Only time will tell.

Ordering online gives you the convenience of ordering at almost any time of the year. You are free to pick the day it is to be delivered to your door. Right before your tree is sent Dutchman Tree Farms sends a Christmas Tree specialist to go and select the finest tree from the fields to be harvested. After harvest it is immediately packed up and shipped to you.

When you open the box you will immediately know this is the freshest tree you ever bought, and as it proudly stands in your living room you will realize it is also probably the most beautiful Christmas Tree you spent your money on.

Freshness Beauty and Convenience. What more could you ask for?