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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don't Let the Grinch Steal Your Christmas Tree this Year

I must admit I had to laugh when I read the following guidelines on how to choose an artificial Christmas tree (in this post AKA "The Grinch"). I hope this post generates comments, because I am very interested in what my readers have to say.

Guidelines on how to choose an artificial Christmas tree, the Grinch:

1. Think of the Grinch as an investment. Because you may be keeping the tree for 20 years or more, you may consider purchasing a high-quality artificial tree that has foliage resembling a real Christmas tree. This is often determined by the quantity of the branch tips and design of the foliage. In most cases, having more branch "tips" is preferred because an abundance of needles creates a full look for the tree.

- Ok. let me get this straight. First, this guideline is referring to a financial investment. Are all financial investments good? Hmmm... not necessarily. Actually our economy is the way it is due to a lot of bad investments. Why is the Grinch a good investment? They really don't say. Second, it states you may be keeping this year for 20 years or more. Research shows after 9 years these trees reach dangerous lead levels. Finally this guideline suggests picking a high quality tree that has foliage resembling a real Christmas tree. Is it just me? Why not just buy a real tree instead of trying to find a fake one that only resembles a real tree?

2. Ensure the Christmas tree has the specific desired look. Look to see if you can see the center pole of the tree-if so, it may not be a high-quality tree.

- I'm not sure what to say here. Obviously this isn't something you have to worry about when picking a real tree.

3. Choose a tree with a strong stand to ensure that your Christmas tree will not topple or lean to one side, even if heavy ornaments are added to the tree. Some tree stands come with rubber feet to protect your carpet or your wooden floors.

- Nature provides a sturdy trunk and branches. You really don't have to worry about heavy ornaments.

So there you have it. Please don't let an artificial Christmas tree steal your Real Christmas Tree this year.

I would like to propose you buy a real tree this year. You can buy it from a local farm or Christmas tree lot. For those who have very little time to go and choose a tree, feel free to consider visiting this web-site A Tree For Christmas. We are one of the nations largest Christmas Tree Farms and have decades of experience helping families, like yours, create those special Christmas memories that live on through time and forever.

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