10% off Real Christmas Trees

10% off Real Christmas Trees
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Trees for Those in Need

On December 12 a truck laden with Christmas Trees will be departing from Dutchman Tree Farms. This truck will be heading to Clarkston Michigan to help a local church, Clarkston Community Church, bring the spirit of Christmas to the needy. The congregation of around 800, will be encouraged to adopt a tree during the Christmas sermon series, "Give this Christmas Away". This is a practical way to help the needy families in the area.

Once a family or a group from the church has adopted a tree, they will buy everything from the lights to the stand. They will then decorate the trees and offer them to the local needy families on the Sunday before Christmas. Some families will come to the church to pick them up, but for those who can't, the congregation will make sure the tree is delivered.

Geoff Black, Worship Arts Pastor at Clarkston Community Church, said, "I'm so blessed that Dutchman would partner with us on this endeavor and donate Christmas trees to this cause. It is such a blessing to share the true gift of Christmas which is God's love, hope, peace and joy in Christ!"


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Order Your Christmas Tree Online This Black Friday

Strategies, routes, teams formed all with the mission to divide and conquer. Only Military attacks and intense games of Risk can be compared to the national pastime we call Black Friday. Our Mothers, sisters, aunts and well… I have even seen fathers play this intense game of fighting the crowds for faddish toys and deals on electronics. For some people pushing, shoving and checkout lines will put them in the Holiday spirit. I personally would rather keep my sanity.

This year I am going to keep it simple, mouse in one hand, leftover turkey sandwich in the other. These days, when most of the Black Friday deals are available online, why not shop in your PJs while you’re snacking on some leftovers. For those who really enjoy minimizing holiday stress, maybe ordering your Christmas tree online might be just the thing for you. With ATreeForChirstmas.com you can point, click and buy your fresh cut Christmas tree or wreath and have it shipped right to your door.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Saying, "Thank You" to Our Troops with a Chistmas Tree

Every year Trees for Troops sends thousands of Christmas trees to our men and women in uniform to show appreciation for the sacrifice they and their families are making.
Dutchman Christmas Tree Farms is proud to have been able to support this program for many years, by donating hundreds of our finest trees each year. This year Dutchman Christmas Tree Farms donated around 200 Christmas trees to show our heartfelt support and appreciation for those courageous men and women who defend our Country and to their families.

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