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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Going Green

Today there is a lot of talk about going green and green jobs. Everyday we are inundated, through the multifarious forms of media, with the importance of making sure we keep our planet healthy and clean. We are all responsible to do our part.

Dutchman Tree Farms

At Dutchman Tree Farms, as do all Christmas tree farmers, we take this responsibility seriously. Every year we after harvesting your Christmas trees, we plant over 250,000 new trees. Big deal. Right? Well maybe, but before shrugging this off let's think about this.

A mature tree produces as much oxygen in a season as ten people inhale in one year. Now if we multiply 250,000 by 10 that means, just the trees we plant each year, 2.5 million people are being supplied with oxygen every season and 8.2 million every year. Yes, obviously the trees we plant each year are not yet mature, but what about the over 6 million on the farm which are? That is enough oxygen for over 60 million people a season and over 240 million a year. This means Dutchman Tree Farms produces enough oxygen for well over half of the United State population each year.

I hope I am not too bold as to ask that we ask ourselves a simple question: Are my hard earned dollars this year going to help enhance our planet or will they end up polluting it?

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