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Monday, June 21, 2010

Can't Beat the Real Thing

Lately I have been wondering why we Americans have always wanted the "real, authentic, genuine deal". I was walking around New York, not too long ago, when I was approached by an individual carrying a black trash bag full of "Foakleys" (fake Oakley sunglasses). As I stood there in horror at the thought of buying a knockoff another person showed up with a briefcase full of Bolex (imitation Rolex). Granted both looked pretty good from far away and only cost $10 as opposed to hundreds of dollars, but I couldn't buy them knowing they weren't real. The price didn't matter. I could not settle for anything less than the real thing.

In 1969 Coca Cola started using the word "real" in their slogan, and have used it multiple times since then. We like to have the original, the authentic, the genuine item rather than a phony, knockoff, or look-alike.

Ladies love their Coach purses and wallets and to see someone walking around with a fake causes us to hear a scream from deep down inside us saying, "NOOOOOOO!" It is not even second best to the real thing. It is just a wannabe and in some cases even worse, a wannabe wannabe.

I look around and ask myself, "How many businesses would succeed if they advertised their merchandise as fake or artificial?" Imagine these adds for just a second:

  • "Enjoy our artificial Italian food"

  • "Get a look-alike Mac"

  • "Pepsi almost as good as Coke"

  • "Every Kiss Begins with a Phony Diamond"

  • "Bank of America, the nation's potential leading financial institution and home for all of your personal financial needs."

  • "Save Money on knockoffs, Live Better"

Do you think anyone could do business with such obviously ridiculous ads? I don't think so. These companies would fall apart in a matter of weeks.

So now the obvious question which begs to be asked is, "How can companies publicly advertise artificial Christmas Trees, at a higher cost than the real thing, and make money?" In most industries advertising something as fake or artificial is suicide, but somehow someone is trying to twist our sense of the "real deal" and have us settle for something far inferior and for a greater price. This boggles my mind.

Some may say, "It's easier to put up and there is no mess". What about the authentic Christmas tradition of decorating the tree as a family or with our friends? What about the authentic smell of a real pine tree in our house? What about the fact that buying an artificial tree puts you in the category of buying Foakleys, Frauda and fake Coach bags? What about the health hazards caused by the material contained in your fake tree (check out my blog on this subject)?

If cleaning up a few pine needles every year outweighs the importance of the original real Christmas tree tradition then by all means enjoy your lead filled PVC artificial tree.

Do yourself a favor this year. Don't settle for anything less than the real thing. Buy a real genuine American grown Christmas tree this year. You can even have it shipped to your front door from a real, authentic, genuine Christmas tree farm: Dutchman Tree Farms