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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dutchman Christmas Tree Farm Family

When we say, “We ship the Christmas Tree directly from the farm to you” we really should say “We ship the Christmas Tree from our family to yours”. Working at Dutchman Tree Farm really does feel like a family. And we aren’t the dysfunctional type of family with the crazy uncle and the brother no one talks about. No, it’s more like the kind of family that if you need anything they will be there for you. Amazing, inspiring and funny people work here and I will be spotlighting some of these characters here on the blog. Today I want to spotlight …Pam McLeod, the resident mother/grandmother of Dutchman Tree Farms.

Pam has been working with Dutchman Tree Farms for the last 33 years and she has done a little bit of everything; planting, loading trucks, leading pruning crews, anything and everything Christmas Trees. Right now she works in the office and helps organize loads and book out trucks to stores across the US. Hard worker and mother of the office, it is certain that you cannot work with Pam McLeod without feeling encouraged, challenged and taken care of.

Not only is Pam a harder worker, caring and compassionate, she is dedicated. Just the other day Pam took a nasty spill off her bicycle. Yes, this grandmother of 15 rides her bike, cross country skis and does triathlons to stay in shape. After taking this spill, destroying her helmet, being knocked slightly unconscious and separating her shoulder (this should give some indication of how fast she was going) she came into work. Yes, bruised and sore she came in the very next day saying that working at her desk would be the best for her recovery.

So there she sits, with ice pack on her shoulder and a cherry red road rash under her right eye, inspiring us all to quit our whining and get back to work. Now doesn’t that just sound like family?

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